Irakere Members

Irakere is one of the most emblematic groups of the island of Cuba, its fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythms with Jazz are invaluable as its scope goes beyond the musical, and this would not have been possible without the musicians that were part of it. the grouping.

Irakere Members

Here is the complete list of Irakere members in all their stages

First Stage – Habana, Cuba 1973

Jesús Valdés (Chucho Valdés): Composer, director and pianist
Paquito D’Rivera: alto saxophone, tenor, flute and clarinet
Carlos Averhoff:  Tenor saxophone, soprano, flute and bass clarinet
Jorge Varona:  Trumpet, piston trombone and percussion
Carlos del Puerto:  Bass, bass guitar and tuba
Carlos Emilio Morales: Guitar
Bernardo García:  Drums and batá drums
Jorge Alfonso “El Niño”: Batá drums
Enrique Pla: Drums
Carlos Barbón:  Güiro, chekeré and tambourine
Oscar Valdés: Singer, tumbadora (conga), batá and bongo drums


In other stages, the group integrated it:

Germán Velasco and César López:  saxophone
Arturo Sandoval, Adalberto Lara, Manuel Machado, and Juan Munguía:  Trumpets
Orlando Valle (Maraca): flute and keyboards
Miguel Díaz (Angá): tumbadora
Mayra Caridad Valdés: singer
Jorge Luis Chicoy: guitar
Julito Padrón: trumpet
Román Filiú: alto saxophone
Irvin Acao: tenor saxophone
Armando Cuervo and Fran Padilla: Percussion
José Luis Cortés: Saxophone baritone and flute